Glass Bridge Story

Gossip - art by Pieter Brueghel the Younger

Gossip – what they’re saying behind our backs

Here’s the Juicy Gossip – from those who knew us when we were minstrels, traveling through many realms, playing our music and telling our stories. Sir Trinatar Head of the Royal Throne Room “Now you are telling me that Brynna and Chrystor are famous in the future? Come on now, who would believe that? They were only commoners who made it big due to connections of a nefarious sort. You’ve heard the story, no doubt. I won’t bore you.” Lord…

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Glass Bridge Trailer with Kramstar

Kramstar. Fire Breather – Terrorizer… The most feared dragon in all the land. Read what he said about Chrystor & Brynna of Glass Bridge -“Every time they touched those cursed wood and gut boxes and sang, it was a magical spell. I was weak and in pain. I could not even breathe fire. ARRRGH! Don’t tell me they are going to play AGAIN! And now with NEW musical weapons of FIRE and LIGHT!

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Gossip – Lord Glabulus, Creative Chef and Herbalist – the True Story

Lord Glabulus, Creative Chef and Herbalist – the True Story I’m sure you’ve heard the gossip about us. We knew Lord Glabulus, Creative Chef and Herbalist to King Thronus, of the city of Kastili, in the realm of Thronus during the Era of Ancients, before our transition into this time. Lord Glabulus, being an Herbalist, was known for use of medicinal herbs in non-medicinal ways. I suppose you could say, in this day and age, that he was a drug…

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Glass Bridge Trailer – Are you Ready?

Glass Bridge Trailer –   Are you ready for… Maiden Warrior with Magical Powers “In my disappointment, a wizard appeared. He spoke a prophecy for the future of Mohrvale and of our family. This is what he said. ‘There is to arise after you, a woman of your family who will also have magical powers, much more so than you. She will have the ability to break the evil for all time.’” Mamo fastened her eyes on Bronwyn. “I sense…

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Glass Bridge Trailer – What is it?

Glass Bridge Trailer – What is it? Wizards A chill shook Bronwyn. She pulled her cloak around her, and stared at the man as he stared hard back at her. The ball at the top of his staff began to glow orange, a small dot at first, then growing larger. “I am the Wizard Windstrong. I am to instruct you. You may choose to accept my advice.” He looked her up and down again. “Or not.” Maiden Warrior with Magical…

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Gossip – Anonymous’ Story

Anonymous’ Story You may have heard the gossip about us. Don’t you dislike it when people talk about you behind your back? I do, especially when they take elements of truth and twist their words to mean things that are not true, as some do, such as that repulsive Sir Trinitar. Oh, but this is about Anonymous. Please forgive my deviation. Once in a while, when the gossip comes back around, one may be pleasantly surprised. Such is the case…

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Tip Jar

Glass Bridge Tip Jar Here’s how you can become part of Glass Bridge – put something in our Tip Jar! Please help financially so we can record our music for you to enjoy! The bag of coins that we brought with us when we time traveled from the Era of Ancients didn’t go very far once we got here. Our music studio isn’t complete, so we can’t finish the music that you want to hear! We need a few things…

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About Glass Bridge Music & Books

“At the whim of the gods” “The good news is, we’re far away from that cursed Kramstar,” Chrystor says, shaking his head. The singer-guitarist-keyboardist, one-half of Glass Bridge, doesn’t deny the rumors that they have come from another time and place “at the whim of the gods”. Instead, he, along with Brynna, who plays bass guitar, recorder, and percussion, easily answered my questions about their past. So whether the rumors are true, or just that their stories are well-practiced, Glass…

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