Glass Bridge Tip Jar

Here’s how you can become part of Glass Bridge – put something in our Tip Jar!

Please help financially so we can record our music for you to enjoy!

The bag of coins that we brought with us when we time traveled from the Era of Ancients didn’t go very far once we got here. Our music studio isn’t complete, so we can’t finish the music that you want to hear!

We need a few things to complete our music studio. Will you please help?

Which of these studio necessities would you like to help us get?

  • Replacement sound card for computer. The one we have has a weird throbbing sound in it that we don’t think you want to hear in our CD! (Done – Thank you Kyle!)
  • Keyboard repair. Some of the keys don’t work. It might have something to do with the baby dragon we found inside after our time travel journey.

We are eternally grateful to those who choose to help us complete our studio!

Ashlee, awesome gift! Thank you so much!
Dani, you’re the greatest! Thank you!
John, we love you and appreciate your gift!
Alexa, thank you for the generous tip! We really appreciate you!

Coming up – more opportunities for you to get involved in Glass Bridge!